Connecting you
to Energy Information
because Knowledge is Power!

PulseConnex is a real-time monitoring and analysis tool that includes a dashboard, real-time graphing, historical graphing, alarms and reporting. With a little knowledge about your energy use you’ll be able to pinpoint triggers, improve budget forecast, increase efficiency, save money, gain control of your electric use and so much more! No need for the IT department, expensive infrastructure, software or operating systems… PulseConnex is truly Plug & Play requiring only our “little white box.”

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Peak demand
management and education
has real-world applications

A mineral pant in South Dakota is saving up to 20% on their energy bills

Churches in Colorado are monitoring their new Solar PV installations.

How does PulseConnex work?

PulseConnex uses pulse information recorded by your meter and organizes the data into a more useful graphing format. The “little white box” is connected to the meter on one end by a 2 conductor control cable. The other end of the box is connected to the internet by an Ethernet cable and Ethernet wall jack. Once the device is properly connected, data is streamed from your meter to the PulseConnex database located on a major data center server. Information is then translated by our software into graph form that can be accessed online through your PulseConnex account. Pulse information can then be viewed in Real-Time or by Profile History to analyze energy use. PulseConnex can also notify you via text message and/or email alarms if you start approaching a high level of use. You specify at what point and how often you receive notifications.