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Software Upgrades

January 2017

In addition to the MPG-1 upgrades, we’ve been hard at work on a variety of projects including software upgrades for our PulseConnex® Energy Monitoring System and Dashboard.  Due to the wide variety of network configurations and security protocols on customer sites, we’ve added the capability to use a static IP address on the PulseConnex interface device in addition using standard DHCn, we now support...

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Churches Monitor PV Systems with PulseConnex

August 2015

Many organizations are looking to solar to provide relief from high electric bills, but with complicated net metering rates and data provided by the utility up to a month after occurrence, it can be hard to know how efficiently a solar PV array is operating. Since PulseConnex taps into pulse information directly from the meter, using PulseConnex with a solar PV system can provide visual confirmation of when a building is truly operating off the grid.

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January 2015

Since September 2014, Meritor, a Fortune 500 company manufacturing automobile components for military suppliers, trucks, and trailers, has been using PulseConnex to monitor the energy use at their large industrial plant in Franklin, KY. Here's what they recently told us:

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Case Study:
Pacer Corporation

December 2014

Pacer supplies high quality muscovite mica and potash feldspar for use in a wide range of applications including adhesives, fire retardants, sealants, powder coatings, plastics, and other construction and automotive applications. Their mica manufacturing plant located in Custer, South Dakota has been using PulseConnex for over a year to manage their peak demand.

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and Solar Energy

November 2014

During the beta testing phase of PulseConnex, we included a couple of Colorado churches in the testing for two reasons: first, certain churches are ideal for demand control, and second, these churches were planning to install large solar PV arrays.

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