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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for installing and using PulseConnex?


You will need a licensed electrician or local utility personnel to connect the meter to the “little white box.”  Once connected, the remaining installation process is done through


  • “little white box” (purchased from Brayden Automation)
  • Power supply (provided by Brayden Automation with "little white box")
  • Ethernet cable plugged into the nearest Ethernet jack connected to the internet (cable found at any electronic supply store)
  • 2 Conductor control cable (supplied by the installer) used to connect the meter to the power and signal connector on the “little white box”



Will I need a Static IP Address to use PulseConnex?


No. The PulseConnex device is a Client and uses a Dynamic IP address instead of a static IP address. So no need to set

Do I need to change my Firewall for PulseConnex?


No. Since the PulseConnex device is a Client and uses Port 80, no changes to the Firewall are necessary.

What information is needed for setting the device configurations?


  • Device Serial Number (12 digit code located on the “little white box”)
  • PulseConnex Version
  • Subscription Expiration (automatically displayed once account is purchased)
  • Time Zone
  • Pulse Constant
  • Number of wires (2-wire or 3-wire aka Form A or Form C)
  • Alarm notification settings

What happens if internet connection is lost or interrupted?


If internet connection is lost, the “little white box” will store data packages for up to 24 hours to ensure no pulse information is lost.  Once internet connectivity is established the data packages are immediately transferred to the PulseConnex database.

How fast is pulse information transferred to my online PulseConnex account?


Pulse information is recorded and streamed almost instantaneously to the online PulseConnex account with less than a one second delay.

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